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Sustainable Financial Growth Within Your Reach

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Experience hassle-free investing, high-yield returns, and diversification across a portfolio of secure mortgage loans.

We are a reputable and accredited Mortgage Investment Corporation managed by seasoned industry professionals with over 40 years of collective experience in private lending.

With a diverse mortgage portfolio spread across various property types, our investors can harness the benefits of the real estate market in British Columbia without the complexities of property ownership and management.

Why Invest With Us?

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Reliable and consistent monthly returns with a competitive yield.

Critically evaluated and strategically selected mortgage portfolio managed by industry experts.

Up to $1 million unrestricted liquidation of invested funds.

Why Borrow From Us?


Flexible solutions tailored to your financial needs.

Fast approval with personalized support on your mortgage application. 

Extensive lending experience on residential and commercial mortgages.

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Book an appointment with our advisors to start your investment journey!

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