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Mortgage Investment
is a Powerful Tool

Diversified Portfolio

UNITE MIC creates a diversified portfolio for its shareholders. Our mix of commercial and residential mortgages expands across various strategic locations and property types, allowing for a balanced return and mitigated risk. 

Secured by Real Estate

All UNITE MIC investments are backed by carefully selected real estate properties. This form of mortgage-backed security requires extensive underwriting procedures to ensure that all lending qualifications are met. 

Consistent &
Stable Dividend Distribution

Quarterly income distribution will be deposited directly to your account or reinvested through our Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). This creates a stable stream of income generated by a form of mortgage-back investments.

Alternative Investment

UNITE MIC provides an attractive alternative investment option outside of traditional equity positions. We enhance your investment portfolio by providing attractive yields, with estimated annual returns of 7% - 9% to its shareholders.

Beneficial Tax Policies

Under the Income Tax Act of Canada, UNITE MIC benefits from preferential tax treatment and acts as a “flow-through” investment vehicle. This limits double taxation by distributing 100% of its net income to its shareholders.

Calculate your investment growth with us.

Connecting You To Compelling Opportunities

UNITE MIC provides a compelling opportunity to invest in a pool of carefully selected real estate mortgages.


Having a high degree of integrity and professionalism at our work, we value our investors by preserving their wealth and generating an attractive yield.


Our current average annualized monthly interest rate

Our Investment Approach

Why Invest with UNITE Mortgage Investments?

Download Our Investor Guide


UNITE MIC manages the mortgage investment process from mortgage origination to post-funding.  Our team has intensive experience in the lending industry and will monitor the pool on a daily basis.


We have in-house analysts to underwrite and appraise the property behind each mortgage and evaluate potential risk exposure to ensure each loan meets our lending standard.


Consistent quarterly dividend distributions are made to investors. We also offer a DRIP system, where investors could reinvest their quarterly distribution into the pool.

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Download Our Investor Presentation

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Meeting Room


Investor books appointment and meets Dealing representative from UNITE MIC.


Investor discusses financial goals with Dealing representative and see if suitable and qualify to invest in UNITE MIC.


Investor decides to invest in UNITE MIC and place funds into the fund.



UNITE MIC in-house lending experts will source for loan and conduct full underwriting procedure to ensure quality and security. 


UNITE MIC deploys funds into high quality mortgages across Canada.


UNITE MIC receives interest payments from borrowers.


UNITE MIC pays quarterly dividends to investors and monitors the fund at daily basis.


Investors can also reinvest their dividends into the fund through our DRIP system.


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