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Integrity    ●    Prudent        Sustainable 

Team Meeting
Team Meeting

Lending Professionals

Origination, Administration & Management 

At UNITE MIC, we have a team of skilled experts who are responsible for all aspects of the corporate operation. From sourcing quality mortgage investment, analyzing the securities of the loan, administrating the mortgage, and daily monitoring of the pool. The key success of our MIC is our strong management team and quality assets behind the pool.

Stringent Underwriting

Property Evaluation & Borrower Qualification

All mortgage investments in our MIC portfolio undergo stringent risk management and underwriting procedures. Our in-house underwriter assesses and verifies borrower's information to determine repayment ability. We also evaluate and conduct a complete due diligence process on the property to ensure it has met the MIC's lending standard as a sufficient underlying security.

Chart analysis
All Hands In

Collaborative Ecosystem

Broker, Lawyer & Appraiser

Being one of the top providers of loans in British Columbia, the UNITE team has built long-lasting business relationships with mortgage brokerage, law firms, and a trusted list of appraisal companies. These professionals contribute to maintaining a resourceful and informative environment for the MIC.

Investor Ourselves

We are a significant investor in our own MIC

We believe so much in our investment approach that we are heavily invested alongside our investors in our funds. By doing so, we can truly think and act in the investor's shoes. You are the right person to join our investment journey if you are also looking for the optimum blend between returns, risk, and consistency. 

Business Meeting

UMIC Behind the Scenes

Unite MIC Underwriting Process

In this video, we provide a clear explanation of our crucial underwriting process, which plays a significant role in offering secure and trustworthy mortgage solutions. You'll gain a better understanding of how we safeguard our investors' interests through this insightful dive into our underwriting procedures.

What is a MIC?

In this video, our expert directors at Unite Mortgage Investment Corporation provide valuable insights into mortgage investments and share their experiences in the Canadian mortgage market. Learn about opportunities, risks, benefits, and growth paths in the mortgage investment landscape.

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